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Soldier confirmed to play Headbangers Open Air in Germany in 2014

Soldier confirmed to play Headbangers Open Air in Germany in 2014

One of Germany’s (and Europe’s) best Heavy Rock events, the Headbangers’s Open Air is called “the biggest garden party of the world”. It is held in Brande-Hörnerkirchen, near Elmshorn (about 25 miles from Hamburg). It takes place out in the open on the site of a restored farm, where the organizer opens his massive gardenContinue Reading

Soldier live with special guests Dream Overkill & The Deep

Soldier live with special guests Dream Overkill & The Deep

Soldier @ Power & Glory Fest 2014

Soldier @ Power & Glory Fest 2014


Soldier @ METALWAVE UK #2

Soldier @ METALWAVE UK #2

SOLDIER Competition

SOLDIER Competition

Soldier are looking forward to playing Headbangers Open Air , Germany in just over two weeks. To celebrate we are running a competition to win a free Live @ The Heathery and Infantrycide CD bundle along with a Soldier patch plus two runners up will receive a free patch. Competition ends 31st July. Send theContinue Reading

Lady Evil from Brazil with her copy of Dogs Of War on vinyl

Lady Evil from Brazil with her copy of Dogs Of War on vinyl

SOLDIER – Dogs of war The classical band of NWOBHM in a amazing record…Pure Metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy Machin’s Review of Live @ The Heathery

Andy Machin’s Review of Live @ The Heathery

As per previous post, thanks to Soldier guitarist Ian Dick my review copy of the above arrived and given much listening pleasure. A real treat to hear the band as it was thirty years ago recorded at a gig in Wishaw. One should point out that this is very much an “as it was” recording.Continue Reading

John Tucker’s Live @ The Heathery Review

John Tucker’s Live @ The Heathery Review

SOLDIER – Recorded Live @ The Heathery, Wishaw In Scotland 1983 (Starhaven Records) Recently re-discovered in the Soldier archives and lovingly remastered at guitarist/founder member Ian Dick’s Starhaven Studio ‘Recorded Live @ The Heathery…’ captures the band onstage on the penultimate night of their February 1983 Scottish tour. And despite blizzards, the bitterly cold conditionsContinue Reading

Don Powell (SLADE) joins Soldier on stage for two songs @ The BMF Show 2014

Don Powell (SLADE) joins Soldier on stage for two songs @ The BMF Show 2014

SOLDIER to play @ BMF Show, Peterborough Arena , PE2 6XE

SOLDIER to play @ BMF Show, Peterborough Arena , PE2 6XE

Friday Evening 16th May , Main Stage 

Brofest 2 – Northumbria Students Union, 28/02 – 02/03/2014

Brofest 2 – Northumbria Students Union, 28/02 – 02/03/2014

Posted on March 10, 2014 by Dennis Jarman in Event Reviews Brofest 2 will be etched in my memory for a long time for sure. 26 bands over 3 days with a weekend ticket being a ridiculously cheap £25 and day tickets £10 for Friday and £15 each for Saturday and Sunday. I travelled upContinue Reading

“This is an album that will provide splendid succour for fans of true heavy metal…..there is little opportunity for the listener to catch their breath once the glorious title track gets underway…..a really rather splendid way for aficionados of real heavy metal with a melodic sheen to spend an hour of their time….”

Fireworks Magazine Oct/Nov 2013

These songs are superb in every way, the guitar work right through to the vocals, and the drums pounding out the rhythm; they are classic NWOBHM songs. Dogs Of War has some great classic twin guitar riffs and solos and the vocals are just out of this world. I would easily put this album right at the top; in my opinion if you like the old NWOBHM then you will love this. SOLDIER has outdone themselves with this classic album.

Album Rating 10/10

David Pearce/Metalshock/Finland

“...the songs cut right to the chase, they dig themselves into your ears and refuse to become boring. And that, dear reader is the ultimate art of songwriting which these gentlemen are very capable of...quite a kick in the ***** in today’s trendy metal landscape. Seriously original metal with its feet firmly planted into today’s music scene.”

Stormbringer.at /Austria

“...I've been banging my head to 'Dogs of War' by Soldier since its' release. The catchy riffs, melodic vocals and searing solos are what I love about this album. A 'must have' for any metal-head."

Jake Thorsen – Lead guitarist & Vocalist with Death Valley Knights

“The music on Dogs of War is quite melodic, with plenty of vocal hooks courtesy of Frost (an excellent singer) and loads of riffage & solos from Dick & Goodman. Less thrashy than some of their NWOBHM peers, Soldier take the melodic route best compared to perhaps Demon, though there are some doomy, atmospheric moments-it's a very solid ride for anyone into catchy, melodic British heavy metal music. Add another band to the list of NWOBHM acts making a comeback in a big way.”

Peter Pardo , Sea Of Tranquility. New York USA

“Soldier returns with Dogs of War, another collection of tunes steeped in NWOBHM tradition. It's probably not fair to call this album strictly a metal album as it straddles the fence between melodic metal and hard rock.Soldier probably blurs the line between the two genres rather than straddling the fence as nearly every song has a toe-tapping groove….Bottom line: Dogs of War is a fine platter of melodic metal rock and a return to form for this legendary band. Recommended.”


“..these guys are very talented players but they put their talents into the service of the song rather than endless instrumental indulgence. Always keep an on eye on the song which is something Soldier have always done very well..with an album such as this the future shines brightly for Soldier!”

Sir Lord Doom , Germany

“..Dogs Of War is superbly produced and the songs are well put together. This album was my first acquaintance with the band and I can only say that I am delighted and since it landed in my mailbox it will certainly be getting more spins with time. Soldier is back and ready for action!!! “

Calles Rock Corner , Denmark

“This is not a money-grabber anthology issued just to surf the wave of the NWOBHM revival, but the long expected first, original full length album from an old school UK band we always loved and sincerely hope will “go on forever”.

Soldier’s back!!

Mario Corbella , Soldier fan from Milan,Italy

“It’s good to hear such well-crafted metal anthems. I say anthems because with one mere listen you can really get hooked. each note, each movement each guitar lick is rooted in your soul making you an extension of the individual members musical abilities. I am pleased this album rocks as hard, not one of the tracks weakens the strong presentation of ‘Dogs of War’.

This is British metal with melody that is driven into your soul and soul is what this band possesses in bucket loads. ‘Dogs of War’ is a giant leap into the pool of classic British metal albums and will cause some major ripples amongst their fan base as well as their peers.”

Paul Maddison/Ave Noctum.com

“...after a couple or three listens you will be nodding your head, tapping your feet, singing along and even perhaps a little air guitar... I think this CD has the lot – it’s hard, heavy, melodic, catchy and other similar adjectives... It’s all well crafted rock with that over-arching NWOBHM tinge and a real pleasure to listen to…Dogs of War is a seriously recommended purchase regardless of if you like your NWOBHM or just like your hard rock with a touch of class”.

Andy Machin


“...they’re back once more with the exciting and exuberant Dogs Of War , 60 minutes of the best of British Metal... if you can sit still during Forever without tapping your feet or hands, or leaping around the room like a loon, you’d better check you’ve still got a pulse... across the album the guitars spar or synchronise, depending on the needs of the song ... there’s no passengers, no fillers: Dogs Of War is all pedigree and no pooch!....this is a great contemporary album from a great contemporary band... ”Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war” , indeed.

John Tucker


“...the pure Heavy Metal we fell in love as kids still exists and it’s comforting to know it’s grown up alongside us , we may just have to look harder for it... .a couple of standout tracks include the title track , a modern take on the familiar theme of the protagonist’s seemingly last moments ala “The Trooper”. It’s a great uptempo track, terrific old school solo and the first taste of some of the excellent twin guitar work that makes up this record.Soldiers’s respect for tradition doesn’t become their albatross-Dogs Of War is steeped in NWOBHM , but their sound is updated to the here and now , avoiding a simple repeat of the past’s best moments…

Chris Editor @ HellrideMusic.com


Soldier equals good old school heavy metal although sounding anything but outdated but pure nevertheless. Whilst listening certain bands run through my head, like Saxon, some Midnight Messiah even some Satan & Blitzkrieg but never without losing Soldiers own individuality! It’s unbelievable that I’ve never heard of this band before, these veterans pleasantly surprised me – Nico De Vreese CD of the month/Hell Spawn/Belgium

They open with the title track and it's a stormer! As a statement of intent it's about as perfect as they come. From Mr Dick and Miles Goodman's bristling twin lead intro, to the most genius set of - 'doom chords' I've heard since the 70's in the chorus, 'Dogs Of War' sets this album off apace.

If you want traditional Brit-metal riffing, classic Brit-metal melodies, searing yet economical soloing, all together with relevant - modern day lyrics, delivered with confident clarity by vocalist - Richard Frost, then this offering from Soldier will not disappoint.

The true genius of 'Dogs Of War is not just the strength of material however, but in the sequencing of the tracks, which despite that strong start, continues to build and build. If one of those mega-name acts from back in the day released an album of songs broadly as strong as this tomorrow, they'd probably have little trouble selling out another world-wide mammoth trek on the back of it.


Wow “Lock N Load” really rocks! A great track, pure old school NWOBHM, and absolute 100% headbanging masterpiece, solid vocal, awesome twin guitar attack, solid drums and punching bass. All in all a solid British rock album----so grab a copy!

For fans of: Voodoo Six, Amulet, Diamond Head, Cavalar, Cauldron


“Dogs Of War is one of the rare yet brilliant examples where the band have resurfaced all guns blazing. Instead of mellowing with age it's almost as if NWOBHM veterans Soldier have cryogenically preserved their vigorous performing style and energy for the past thirty years, only to be unleashed again by a new line-up of musicians on this colossal third LP”

“ -thirty four years down the line from their formation - Soldier have still got the ability to absolutely blow your socks off”

Ben Edge – Bedge Music http://bedgemusic.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/album-review-soldier-dogs-of-war.html

You've managed to achieve the perfect mix of old and new, something a lot of NWOBHM bands can’t seem to do now. Excellent man!

Wolven Claws – Soldier fan


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